Collective Exhibition 
Photo contribution  in response to the curator Dzifa Benson's provocation  related to a painting of Eleanor Percy Duchess of Northumberland 

MEDIUM:  Photographic Composition Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Pearl 285GSM / satin
DIMENSIONS: Printed to fit the gallery frame  archive 24 x 18
In this fictional character portrayal, a time traveller named Truth is seen looking straight at the camera and holding what appears to be an X made of the portrait of Eleanor Percy Duchess of Northumberland who lived during Queen Victoria times. I chose this photo because of its hypnotic qualities with particular focus on the introspective light inside the subject’ eyes, which in turn, should be reflected onto the viewer. It’s a Spiritual Stillness interconnection.
The idea behind the X is not of random origin, I identified with Truth in wanting to pay respect to the enslaved ancestors who were often nameless, unheard in western visual history books.  I borrowed the idea from Malcom X. The luminescent wing-shape flowers represent a symbol of cross-cultural renewal, empowerment and healing thus dismantling the concept of “other” (exotic and different) and echoing in similarities in elegance with the old painting in the Eleanor’s hands who are composed like wings. Ase-o. I celebrate the divinity in you.
The uplifting exotic flowers plants stemming from Truth, are luminescent reminders of her quest to fulfil the stories behind Stanwick Hall luxurious garden, Eleanor’s newly found passion after the passing of her 28years old senior husband.
This is a portrayal of Healing and Beauty. Eleanor’s aura with her composed Victorian photo from the painting is deconstructed and reformed.
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